Terms and Conditions

A. Introduction

1. Before using the website and mobile application that belong to us, you agree to comply with our Privacy Policy and rules that apply to our betting and gaming products. We kindly ask you to read the Terms carefully if you are going to accept them and use on our website.

2. If you use our website, you can read the rules of our games on the “Help” tab in the corresponding section of our website.

3. The reference to “Bet365”, “we”, “our” or “us” is made about:

(a) products of the betting company – refers to the slope (sports) ENC (in Malta, registration number P1811) with registration in the office 1/2373, level GR, quantum house, 75 stilled Rigord streets, ta’xbiex xbx by 1120. 

(b) Gaming products – belong to the slope (gaming) of the EU (Malta, registration number P 1812), with registration in the office 1/2373, level GR, quantum house, 75 stilled Rigord streets, ta ‘xbiex xbx po. 1120.

4. We have every right to change the terms for several reasons. All changes will be published on the website in the latest version of the Terms and Conditions and you will be asked to accept them.

5. Reference to “you”, “your” or the “customer” is a reference to any person using the Website or the services of Bet365 and/or any registered customer of Bet365.

6. Our website strives to fully provide comfortable customer service, therefore it offers safe conditions and games.

B. Your Bet365 account

1. Application

The applicant must be over 18 years old and have the legal capacity to place bets on our website. All clients register on the site personally, providing us with all the information specified in the table to fill in. In case of false data, we have the right to suspend our activities on our site. 

After receiving all the data, we will send you an email to confirm it, and the correspondence will be confidential. Without the confirmation of the letter, you will not be able to gamble on our website. By accepting our terms and conditions, you agree that we have the right to verify your data and creditworthiness from time to time. You agree to provide us with all the necessary information in case of a request from our side. If necessary, we have the right to provide your data to an authorized agency. Customers need to keep their data up to date. In case of questions, we have the right to deny your registration.

2. Account Information

Our website gives you the right to choose your username and password for your account. Customers should keep this information secret and confidential as they are responsible for all their bets and actions. If it seems to you that a third party knows your data, you should immediately change them for your safety. If you decide to appoint another person as a registered user, you are responsible for all transactions that this person makes. If you lose your data or fear losing it, you can contact the support service.

Please note that the cardholder’s details and other confidential data should not be sent to us by mail. If you want to find out your current balance, you can do it in your account.

3. Personal data

Bet365 processes the data only for the provision of online betting services. Our website does not offer your data to third parties unless you permit it to do so. But if a request for this information comes from law enforcement agencies, we are obliged to provide it. You have every right to change and delete your data, if you want to do this, you must contact us. For more information, you should read our Privacy Policy.

4. Suspension and Closure

If you want to delete your account, please contact us, but keep in mind the fact that without a positive balance of your account, we will not be able to delete your account. We have the right to stop your activity and delete your account at any time if we consider it necessary.

If we delete your account, you are responsible for any losses and claims, we have the right to cancel all your bets. If your account is inactive for a fairly long period, we have the right to charge you an administrative fee.

C. Your finances

1. Deposits and Wagers

You can place bets if you have funds in your account, which means that you have to deposit funds into your account. We have the right to close your account if you deposit money, not for games. For payment methods, you need to deposit money to the account linked to your name. If the account holder and the bank account holder are different, we have every right to prohibit you from depositing funds and may close your account. Our employees do not have the right to offer you loans, so if these requests arise, please contact the support service. We have the right to cancel your account if funds were transferred to you by mistake.

You have every right to use our currency exchange service to place bets, we can only use this service to place a bet. If you use this service for other purposes, Bet365 has the right to close your account. We also have every right to withhold your funds received in the manner indicated above. Our website does not charge for deposits that have been made by debit card.

2. Withdrawals

You can make payments and transfers of funds only on your behalf. If you need to withdraw funds, you must click on the “Withdraw” tab in your account and confirm your personal information. No fixed amount can be withdrawn in one day, but with frequent requests, our site has the right to ask you for confirmation of personal data, such as a name or password.

D. Betting Procedures 

1. Placing Bets

Bet365 has the right to reject the requested bets. All bets are placed at your own risk. We have the right to accept bets placed online or by phone. The Client is responsible for the correctness of the specified information about his bets. After you place a bet, you will not be able to edit or cancel it. Your funds will be allocated to bets in the same order in which they were placed, and will not be available for other actions.

2. Bet Confirmation

Your bets will not be valid if you do not have funds in your account. Telephone bets will be considered accepted only after their confirmation by the Bet365 operator. Each bet receives a unique transaction code. Despite the above, bets are placed only via credit and debit cards and will be valid only after we receive payment in full.

3. Settlement and Payouts

We have the right to cancel your bets at any time. We also have the right to stop betting on any markets at any time without warning. Your winnings will be added to your balance. If a certain amount has been credited to you by mistake, we have the right to withdraw it without warning. 

We also reserve the right to cancel bets if it turns out that a series of bets containing the same choice was made for one person. If your bet was accepted after the start of the match, the bet will remain valid if the final result is unknown and no participant or team has won. 

Provided that the outcome of the events was known, we have the right to cancel your bet. Where a customer gives ambiguous instructions, Bet365 reserves the right to split the number of money stacked between the potential outcomes. Where this is impractical we reserve the right to cancel the whole of that bet. In any event, the decision of Bet365 is final.

E. Use of the Site 

1. Website Content and Permitted Use 

Commercial dissemination of any personal information, of the entire site or part of the site is prohibited. The site is also not intended for advice or recommendations. The use of automated systems or software to copy or extract information, data contained on the site, and the source codes of the site are strictly prohibited.

The website is used only to place bets on events and gaming products. You have no right to use our site for the benefit of third parties or for any other purposes that are not related to the activities of our site or are illegal. We have every right to contact law enforcement agencies and report any suspicious activity. We can achieve criminal or contractual sanctions against customers who violate the terms.

2. Your Equipment and Software

The quality of the network over which you are connected to the Internet can affect the performance of the site. We do not guarantee that there are no errors on our site, if you find them, you should inform us. We are not responsible for errors caused by your device.  If you use a mobile application, we are not responsible for damage and loss of data from your device due to its malfunction.

To use our application to the fullest, you should download special software needed for certain games and casinos. If you use the third-party software, we are not responsible for damages. When using our software, you are not allowed to install or download the software to a server or other network device to make it available to everyone on the Internet, rent or sell it, change the structure of the software and try to access its source code. Do not forget that the software does not belong to you, but is the property of Bet365.  Our software is provided to you without any guarantees and obligations, and we do not guarantee that it will meet your requirements.

We receive channels and content from various providers who may ask you for additional consent when providing services. We are not responsible for third-party channels and their services. If the website contains links to third-party websites or resources, then this is done only so that you can familiarize yourself with the information. We do not control the content and activities of these sites.

F. Our Responsibility and Rights

We do not accept any responsibility for any losses that are considered or have arisen due to connection with the website or its content (delays, interruptions, loss or damage to data, etc.). We strive to ensure the correctness of the information on the website, but we do not guarantee you the accuracy or completeness of the information and materials on our website. We are not liable either contractually or legally for lost profits, loss of income, loss of data, and any direct or indirect damages. 

The content of our website is protected by international copyright laws and other rules that relate to intellectual property. The rights are owned by Bet365 and third-party licensors. All product and company names and logos mentioned on the Site are trademarks, service marks, or trade names of their respective owners, including Bet365. Any commercial use or exploitation of the website or its contents is strictly prohibited.