Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Bet365 is the way our company handles and controls the clients’ data. 

All the customer data, which we obtain via the official Bet365 website, including live chats, telephone calls, and other means of communication, are held by our data servers. Also, we apply our Privacy Policy for all the above-mentioned data.

Accepting the Privacy Policy of Bet365 company, you agree with the way we use your personal information as stated in this Privacy Policy. If you do not accept the conditions of our Privacy Policy, then we suggest that you neither use the products of Bet365 nor provide us with your personal data. 

Who We Are

All mentions of “we”, “us”, “our”, and “Bet365” refer to the Hillside (Sports) ENC & Hillside (Gaming) ENC, a corporation established under the Maltese laws. The registration numbers are P1811 and P1812 and the address is Office 1/2373, Level G, Quantum House, 75 Abate Rigord Street, Ta’ Xbiex XBX 1120, Malta. The company monitors both collection and aims of using your personal information according to the European law of data protection.

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For further information, you may write to [email protected] to ask your questions about the processing of our customers’ personal data. 

Protecting Your Personal Information

Not only high standards of Bet365 but also international law protects your personal information. Thus, we can handle your data only for one of the following valid reasons: 1) When we accomplish any contract with our clients or have legal commitments; 2) When our clients agree with the processing of their personal data; 3) When we represent the client’s or company’s legal interests. 

Legal Interests

Legal interest means a commercial or business ground to your data processing. We still protect your personal data from unscrupulous usage against your interests. If your data is used for legitimate interests, we will inform you about it. We will definitely state  what is the reason for using your personal data, and provide answers to any of your questions and objections.

Data Storage Period

We guarantee that throughout the entire period of your data storage, we use it for justified purposes and protect it according to our Privacy Policy and applicable legislation. 

We store and process your information as long as you are our customer. After stopping using our products, your personal information is subject to removal in a short time. Your personal information may be stored longer if it is required by our legal obligations or in case of technical failures. 

Why We Process Your Personal Data

What we doHow it is justifiedOur legitimate interests
Create the accounts of our clients;Improve and manage our brand, products, and services;Supply our services and products to our customers;Ensure the support of our products and try out new ones;Provide marketing services;Research how our products and services are used by the customersReveal improper usage of our servicesAccomplish transactionsPrevent and reveal crimesEnforce the applicable lawImprove the relationships between us, our customers, and our partnersReact to our clients’ complaintsProtect our customersYour permission to use your personal data;Our legal responsibilities;Our contract obligations.Keeping our records;Informing you about our services;Elaboration of our new products and searching for the target audience;Fulfilling our obligations clearly and correctly;Compliance with the law;Defending our company and clients from crimes;Protecting the reputation of our company;Getting the permission of our clients;Battling finance-related crimes.

If you do not allow our company to process your personal data it means that we are not able to supply you with our products as well as accomplish the contract with you.

Stored Information

We collect and store your personal data after you create your Bet365 account. This data includes the history of your visits to the official Bet365 website, chat data and phone calls to our technical support service, and the results of surveys that our company conducts on a regular basis. Furthermore, we may collect data from public and available sources when it is not contrary to the law.

Telephone Calls

We record all telephone calls to our technical support service to improve its quality and resolve any arising issue. 


Our company has its own Cookies Policy. To learn more details, visit our Cookie Policy page. 

Social Features of Our Products

We can keep, record, or handle the information that you left during participation in our social services such as chat rooms. 

Who Can We Share Information With?

We can share your personal data with the following organizations: law enforcement authorities, credit, identity verification, fraud prevention, sports agencies as well as our business partners, affiliated companies, and other companies providing the services that you request. Moreover, we can disclose your personal data on your request to third parties. 

We may also transfer your personal data to the companies located outside the EEA (European Economic Area) in case they provide direct services to you, in particular:

  • If the country where we transfer the data has the same level of protection as the EEA, as confirmed by the European Commission; 
  • If we use the contracts that provide the same standards of protection which are used in the EEA.

If the destination country of the data is the USA and the data receiver is registered in the Privacy Shield system, our company will guarantee the protection of your data according to EEA standards. More information about this you may find on the European Commission Justice website. 

All appropriate security measures will be implemented on our part. Furthermore, your personal information may be shared with the Bet365 company group.

Data Outside The EEA

There are three reasons why we can transfer your personal information outside the European Economic Area. First, is your explicit permission. The second reason is to perform the contract you have concluded with us. The third reason is the accomplishment of our legal obligation. 

In some cases, we will be obliged to transfer your personal data to another person and therefore cannot guarantee proper protection of this data by a third party.

Your Rights Over Your Data

Our company tries to assist you in exercising your rights concerning your personal data, including: 

  • Correction of incorrect or outdated data;
  • Deleting your personal data;
  • Accessibility to all of your personal information that we handle;
  • Filing a complaint to other authorities;
  • Revocation of your consent of processing your personal information;
  • The constraint of handling your data;
  • Possibility to object to the resolution made by an entirely automated system of data processing with an appeal or a review of the decision made by a person;
  • Your request to provide your information to third parties;
  • Objecting to the processing of your personal data for our legitimate purposes.

By contacting [email protected] you may learn more information about these rights. 

Updating Of Our Privacy Policy

We have the right to update our Privacy Policy. Accordingly, if changes are made to our privacy policy, we will notify our customers in advance through e-mail or notifications so that you can familiarize yourself with the changes before they take effect. We will not make significant changes without the consent of our clients. If you refuse to accept the new terms of the updated Privacy Policy, we may not be able to provide you with some of our services and products.