Cricket betting tips at Bet365 in India

Cricket bets at bet365.

The best cricket forecasters have a real flair for valuable odds, mainly by forming their own unique betting strategy. There are several approaches to analysing a match, regardless of its format. Let’s highlight the top 5 factors to consider when choosing a cricket bet.

The results of the toss

In cricket, the attacking turn is determined by simply flipping a coin. This procedure actually has a significant impact on the result of the encounter.

The team that attacks first in a Test match often gains an advantage as it plays its first attack on a new pitch with a new ball.

The batsman, for example, finds it easier to bounce the ball after it bounces off a flat, unswept pitch. Therefore, the attacking first team has more opportunities to kick off and seize the game’s initiative. It is one reason why some cricket betting pros like to play the in-play match, waiting for the outcome of the opening draw and thus eliminating one of the uncontrollable factors.

Weather conditions

Hardly a sport more dependent on external conditions than cricket. Weather can significantly impact a Test match, especially its duration (cricket is not played in the rain), so a player should always check the weather forecast before placing cricket bets.

If rain is promised, the importance of the draw increases dramatically with the shortened playing time. In England, you’re likely to encounter rain during a 5-day Test match, in which case you should think carefully about how much playing time will be lost.

In some countries, the sun sets earlier than in others, and there is not much possibility of replenishing playing time (Test matches are only played in natural light). Somewhere in Sri Lanka, there may not be enough daylight to make up for hours lost to rain, whereas in England, the sun sets late, and teams may well still be on the pitch at 8 pm.

The pitch factor

Pitching, where the main action takes place, can vary from place to place and from stadium to stadium, from a dirt surface to a concise and more extended pitch, and it also varies from season to season according to care.

However, there are still trends and, for example, slow pitches prevail in Cape Town or Adelaide, where the ball is less accelerated after hitting the ground, and it is easier for the batsman to make a decent strike. Some cities like Perth, Australia, have quicker surfaces, where power bowlers come out on fire and attacking work is difficult.

Also, look out for cities and stadiums with traditionally high/low humidity or relatively high-mountain arenas – low humidity and thin mountain air make the ball go faster on average, so it’s easier to make a valuable 6-point shot off the field. Dry pitches are also loved by bowlers who survive by spinning the ball.

Some pitches tend to wear out faster for a few days of a Test match. From an angle that is not ideal even, the bowler has the advantage, and the batsman finds it more challenging to bounce back due to the more unpredictable bounce.

It is normal to score 400 in each of the first three innings before dropping to 150 in the fourth. Therefore, betting on ‘total less’ in the late innings can be profitable, as the line does not continually adapt perfectly to changing conditions.

Just like football, some teams in cricket excel on the home court. The management of these clubs or national teams excels in pitching and forming a line-up ideally suited to home stadium conditions, where players’ strengths emerge better, and weaknesses recede into the background.

Form of teams and players

It would be best if you never lost sight of a team’s state of form when they approach a given match. If a home team wins the first game in an extensive series, it is not uncommon for it to roll over the next opponent and for the visitors to go on a losing streak in unfamiliar foreign pitching.

In betting on individual players’ stats, the predisposition of an athlete to the current playing conditions, his past form on a particular type of pitching can be decisive. Also, a good batsman can show stellar form not only on his favourite pitch but also if that coverage is highly uncomfortable for the opposing team. One should try to add up all the factors and not forget that there are two teams on the pitch, each with their own characteristics of attacking and defending play.

Longer match – richer live play

Cricket tier 1 matches last for days at a time, making live betting particularly valuable. It is one of the few sports where a significant layer of professionals prefer to bet in live.

The listed factors – weather, ball and pitch wear, tear, draw results, etc. – all significantly influence match day events, and a player who follows the game closely all day long can gain an edge over the line by being better informed. Unexpected moments and sudden reversals in cricket often do not come as a surprise to experienced forecasters.

One popular strategy in live cricket is to keep an eye on when the ball changes hands. It is done by keeping a close eye on the overs – after 80 overs, a fresh shell appears on the field. The new ball has tight seams and can travel longer distances after contact with the bat.

However, the attacker and the bowler, who relies on spinning pitches instead of straight pitches, can gain an advantage in this situation. Tight seams allow the new ball to change trajectory more sharply on twisted pitches, which can be a problem for the batter

How to bet on cricket

Cricket bets at bet365

To start betting at Bet365, you will first need to register as with any betting shop. Once you have completed the registration process, you can place your first bet. You will find out how to do it without any mistakes later on. What types of bets are available at Bet365, and which events you can bet on, we will tell you straight away.

Sporting is not as varied and varied in the outcome as football or hockey. It may take the untrained eye by surprise when you open the ‘Cricket Betting’ category on bet365, and you’ll be presented with a list of leagues:

  • IPL;
  • The Hundred;
  • T20 World Cup;
  • World Cup 2023.

There is no standard spreadsheet, and the betting office only gives you the option to pick a final winner, which in no way detracts from the excitement because the bookmaker has Bet365 cricket betting tips. These Bet365 tips cricket are collected on the statistics page and reflect the entire score by game, making it easier to make a winning bet.

Types of cricket betting

  • On the outcome. In first-level cricket, draws happen, so the odds on the outcome in Test matches are three ways. A draw does not occur as often as in football, but the probability is still relatively high and comparable to hockey. In the one-day format and the Twenty20, bookmakers offer two-way outcomes with no possibility of a draw.
  • Double odds. Same as in odds betting, only in double odds, you can sum up two outcomes for a lower odds – for example, that there won’t be a draw or that one of the teams won’t lose at least.
  • On a handicap. Here it is possible to predict how much of a team will win or how much more of a handicap it will give to its opponent. For example, in test matches between solid teams, a zero handicap is very popular.
  • Totals. Bets on how many runs are scored in a match or over a certain period – after 5, 10, 15 overs, and so on. It may be general totals or individual totals for each team.
  • Player statistics. Top-level cricket lines tend to have plenty of suggestions for players’ personal achievements. You’ll find all sorts of stats: the number of runs or 6-pointers, various match titles – best batsman or the best player in the encounter.
  • Match statistics. Cricket is rich in different stats and secondary events. It is not difficult to find quotes for the number of runs scored or the best first-innings score in the big matches lines. There are also plenty of betting odds on how the first wicket will be broken.
  • In the first innings. A reasonably famous betting market in prolonged test matches because you don’t have to wait several days to find the first inning result. All of the above types of bets are available in the first inning.
  • On the toss. These are the most basic Bet365 cricket predictions, which the bookmakers can make for all big matches. The odds of guessing the attacking first team is 50/50, and you will still lose money on the bookmaker’s margin when playing long odds.

Live betting at Bet365

Live sports betting is very popular with bettors, as the player can quickly get their bearings on the bet and change their mind. To choose a live bet, you need to select the appropriate tab on the main page of the Bet365 website, after which the list of available matches will open. Among the offerings, there are top disciplines as well as less popular sports. Among them, of course, there is cricket. Live betting requires attentiveness and quick analysis.

The margin is calculated on the tournament’s importance, averaging 8-10%, which is considered average. The bookmaker does not over or underestimate this figure, which is characteristic of a reliable, trusted office.

Live betting terms and conditions

Bet365 bookmaker has all the necessary resources to provide users with the best service in online betting:

  • state-of-the-art technical facilities for live streaming;
  • a wide selection of sports categories;
  • minimum odds difference with pre-match betting;
  • more than 2-3 prediction options for each event;
  • calculation of bets in 5-10 minutes;
  • stable updating of the quotes;
  • possibility of canceling the bet before the end of the match through the Cash-Out function.

How to place a bet at bet365 on mobile

Cricket bets on mobile.

How do I place a bet at Bet365, you might ask? We suggest you use our little step-by-step guide to help you avoid various mistakes.

It should also be noted these instructions will work for you whether you intend to bet from the main website, using your computer, or via your mobile device using the app. By the way, this works for all operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, and so on. Therefore, it makes absolutely no difference which device you’re using – be it a Mac, iPhone, Samsung, or something else.

Step 1: Go to the bookmaker’s website. To play and win with Bet365, you should start by going to the bookmaker’s official website.

Step 2: Register. Then, register your account at Bet365. To do this, fill in all the necessary details in your profile.

Step 3: Fund your account and start playing. The first step to placing a bet is to fund your betting account. Indian players are offered, for example, VISA and MasterCard, Paysafecard, and many other methods to transfer funds. Once the account is funded, you can start playing!

The most current and popular bets can be found in the central part of the website. On the left side, players can see the complete list of sports. There is a link at the top for quick access to the Live section.

After selecting a particular sport, the list of available competitions opens. The user only needs to choose the tournaments of interest, check the box next to them and then click “Create Coupon.”

The selected tournaments will be displayed in the slip. To estimate each match’s coverage, click on the names of the opponents or the number of bets displayed on the right.

Then select the odds, which will be displayed on the right side of the slip and the bet type.

Cricket odds & tips

Let’s note beforehand that bet365 uses odds in English format for the rate of cricket. It does not change their essence, but it changes the visualisation, which often confuses new players. The conversion to the European format is not difficult: 9/2 = 9:2+1=5.5. The result is more convenient for most players.

The value of the multipliers is relatively high and ambiguous. However, it is the best offer on the market because competitors cannot give higher values.

Online betting cricket tips

When it comes to cricket bet free tips, the main advice that can be given to new players is to take their time. A person visiting the site for the first time is not yet familiar with the interface and the functionality, so they might make a lot of mistakes. When you are confident that you have studied everything and are ready to bet, start with small amounts until you have honed your skills.


  • Is Bet365 legal in India?

    Yes, Bet365 is absolutely legal in India. As Bet365 is located outside India, access to this site is permitted for Indians.

  • Are Indian players accepted on Bet365?

    Yes, Indian players are always welcomed on Bet365. Bet365 even allows you to make deposits and withdrawals in Indian rupees in a variety of ways.

  • Does Bet365 live streaming cost money?

    No, Bet365 live streaming is free for active players on Bet365.

  • What is the best way to deposit money into a Bet365 account?

    The best deposit options for Indian players in Bet365 include UPI, Paytm, and PhonePe. Also, you can use alternatively international e-wallets like Neteller or Skrill.

  • How to get a welcome bonus on Bet365?

    To claim the Bet365 Welcome Bonus, you only need to complete the registration process, and your bonus will be credited automatically once you have deposited money into your account. Also, don’t forget to use promo codes if you have them.