IPL Betting at Bet365 

IPL Betting at Bet365

Indian Premier League or IPL is one of the most cherished cricket leagues in the world. It brings the best cricketers from all over the world onto a single platform to show off their unrivalled skills with the bat and with the ball. The elite cricketing league generates exhilaration among its worldwide spectators. Aside from the entertainment value, IPL also sets up a perfect environment for punters to make a fortune of a lifetime within a couple of weeks. Unsurprisingly, there are hundreds if not thousands of websites, apps, and online platforms claiming to provide superior IPL wagering services. However, things might not be the same as they seem. The Internet is full of news and reviews about betters being scammed, thankfully though it’s not the case with Bet365. 

Bet365 is an elite British staking company founded at the dawn of the 21st century. It offers reliable and fair wagering opportunities to its worldwide spectators, especially in India; it has emerged as a leading IPL wagering platform. Whether you wish to take a punt on a player’s scores, match wins, or team’s performances– Bet365 has surely got you covered. It offers highly competitive odds on a wide range of intriguing IPL markets! And the best of all features is the live cricket streaming services that allow punters to make their bets while enjoying the live-action. If you’re somewhere in India looking for an ideal platform to take a punt on the Indian Premier League, then we would highly recommend you to try Bet365. But before, read out the complete Bet365 IPL 2023 review to know all about IPL wagering markets, odds, and tips.

How to Bet on IPL in India

Not too long ago, cricket betting was a pretty challenging process for Indian betters. Not to mention the difficulties they used to face while finding legit and reliable platforms to take a punt on cricket. However, Bet365, with its innovative site, has made it very easy for punters to make their wagers right from the comfort of their homes. Follow along with us as we take you through the process of placing a bet.

Bet365 sports

Step 1

First obvious step is to visit Bet365’s website from your windows or mobile browser, or you can also download their native application on your smartphone. Navigate to the main menu and click on “Sports” to switch to the sportsbook.

bet365 sign in

Step 2

The second step in the process is to sign up for an account. To do that, click on the “Join Now” button and wait for the sign-up form to load up.

Bet365 registration

Step 3

Now, fill up the form with the required information. After filling up the form with the valid information, check the terms and conditions checkbox and then click on “Join Bet365” to complete the registration process.

bet365 deposit

Step 4

On the next page, you will have to choose a deposit method by filling in the relevant banking details. For instance, if you’re using a debit or credit card, you’ll have to enter your name, card number, issue/expiry dates, and security pin.

Bet365 email confirmation

Step 5

Now, the platform will send a confirmation email to your email address; therefore, navigate the email inbox and click on the link to confirm your email.


Step 6

You’re ready to make your first bet. Go to the left-hand side menu, click on “Cricket, ” and select “IPL” from the dropdown. Look for the game you want to wager on and click on its link. On the next page, choose your preferred wagering market (Match Win, First innings score, Total score) and pick your odds. Enter your desired stakes on your BetSlip and click on the “Place Bet button.”

Now sit back and enjoy the Bet365 IPL live streaming services. You can also add more wagers to the bet slip as the game proceeds, or you can wait for the results.

How To place a Bet on Mobile

IPL Mobile Betting at Bet365

The process of placing bets from mobile is almost the same as on the desktop. Indian players can either visit the mobile website by typing in the URL; bet365 com in their mobile browsers or downloading the Bet365 application and following the following steps.

bet 365 mobile

Step 1

Sign-up for an account on the Bet365 mobile website or the mobile application. iPhone owners can download the app directly from iTunes App Store. However, the app might not be available on Android Playstore in India. Instead, Android users in India will have to download the Apk by visiting the official mobile website from their mobile browsers.

bet365 mobile deposit

Step 2

The second step after signing up on the platform is to make your first deposit. You can do so by navigating to the cashier section on the application or mobile website.

bet365 mobile bet

Step 3

Now it’s time to make your first IPL bet. To do that, navigate to cricket>IPL>Match and select your desired market and odds. Enter your desired stakes (the amount you want to wager) and click on the “Place Bet” button.

Now, all you need to do is to wait for the results to see if your punt turns out to be a successful one or not.

What Type of IPL Markets can You Bet on?

Bet365 live ipl is by far one of the world’s most exciting platforms when it comes to the cricket markets. From Futures to Live Wagers, Match-Winners, and In-Play Wagering, It offers every type and genre of IPL punts. The following descriptions cover the most popular ones of those incredible Bet 365 IPL bet markets.

  • Match Winners: Match winners are by far the most common types of punts placed on IPL matches. These punts aim to predict the winner out of the two teams competing against each other.
  • Outright Winners: Outright Winners work the same as the match-winners, but the aim here is to predict the team who will win the whole tournament. Outright Winners are thought to be the most difficult types of IPL wagers because predicting a winner out of so many groups requires deep knowledge and analysis of cricket, teams, individual players, conditions, and so much more.
  • In-Play Bets: In-Play wagers allow bettors to lay their odds on specific events during the match. In-Play punts include Scores in the Power Play, Wickets in the Power Play, Players individual Scores, Method of Dismissals ( Caught, Bowled, LBW), Next Man In, and plenty more.
  • Top Scorer: As the name suggests, these bets aim to predict the match’s top scorer. The odds here are multiway means there will be around 6 to 7 of the leading batsman playing the game. Betters will then predict who among those batsmen will score the highest runs during the match. Odds for underdogs are high and low for the favorites. If none of those players scores the highest runs, the bet will be considered void, and the wagered amount will be returned to your account. 
  • Top Wicket Takers:  Bettors lay the odds on who among the bowlers of both teams will pick up the highest number of wickets during the match. The odds again are multiway and weighted, meaning there will be multiple options with different values.
  • Most Catches: In this type, stakes aim to predict a player who’ll hold the highest number of catches during the match.
  • Under and Over: Here, betters will have to predict if the wickets or runs scored during both innings are over or under of a pre-specified number. It’s a two-way bet meaning that there will be two options to choose from as you can either choose high or low. The odds for both the options are different depending on the teams competing in the match. For instance, if both the teams have a top batsman playing for them, the scores will be high, and if both teams have a solid bowling attack, the scores will be low. Pitch and weather conditions are also considered in this type of bet.

IPL Betting Odds & Tips

Cricket is such a volatile sport that the situation changes with every ball. From whether to ground conditions to players getting injured, there are so many factors involved in a game that it is almost impossible to predict the result. There are hundreds of sites that claim to be the perfect cricket tippers and predictors. However, you can’t put your hard-earned money on the line only because a website predicted a winner. Instead, we’ll recommend that you analyze the game by yourself and develop a wagering strategy of your own. Here are a few factors you should consider while making your punts. 

  • Weather: Weather conditions play a very crucial role in deciding the fate of a cricket match. For instance, if the weather is clear, the pitch is well dried and rolled, the team with the better batting side will win. On the other hand, we’ll tip you to lay your odds on the team with a better bowling attack under overcast conditions because the ball will swing both ways, making it hard for the batsman to score runs.
  • Pitch Conditions: Another critical aspect to consider while making your predictions on cricket is the condition of the pitch. If the pitch is dry and not rolled firmly, it will support the spinners, and if it is a flat, hard pitch, it will support the batsmen. Therefore, based on these tips, you can pick a team with better spinners or better batsmen and place your stakes accordingly. 

Team Records: It may not be the best factor to be considered because cricket is an almost unpredictable game, and any team can come out and perform their best game to win the match. However, in most cases, looking at the teams’ previous records against each other can help you with your decision.


  • Is Bet365 Betting IPL App Available?

    Yes, the platform has developed a native application available for both Android and iOS platforms.

  • Is Bet365 IPL Cricket Betting Legal in India?

    Yes, the platform is fully licensed to provide wagering services inside India and is 100% authentic and legal.

  • Do Bet365 Support Bets in Indian Rupees?

    Yes, Bet365 allows Indian bettors to make their wagers in India rupees (INR).

  • What are the Payment Methods for Indian Users on Bet365?

    The platform supports multiple local and international payment methods for Indian users, including UPI, Indian Net Banking, PhonePe, PayTM, Skrill and Neteller.

  • Is There a Welcome Bonus for Indian Players on Bet365?

    Yes, The platform offers up to ₹4,000 cash match bonus for Indian bettors newly signing up on the forum.

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