Soccer betting tips at bet365

Soccer Betting Tips

Bet365 provides some of the best services in India, and at the same time this betting company is equally popular in other countries. Customers who have used our services at least once often become our regular customers. Of course, most of the clients of all betting companies are soccer fans. This sport is the most attractive for betting, moreover, it is played all year round, regardless of the season. Bet365 is proud of its incredible features for betting not only soccer, but a variety of other sports as well. But now let us take a closer look at soccer. What services, features and tips can Bet365 soccer offer? Here is the list of the most significant of them:

  • Bet365 recommends using one of its most practical features – live tournaments, which are located in the Live Betting section. This section is divided into 3 sub-items: Overview, Event View and Schedule. This is incredibly convenient for making your plans, making choices and distributing time management. This, like many other functions, is available both on our official website and in a mobile application that you can download to your device. Remember that you must have sufficient funds in your account to access live streamings.
  • Another tip from Bet365 is to use an equally helpful feature of the site called Bet365 Football Results. This section contains all the information about your bets. That is, here you can see the ordered information about your rates for convenience.
  • Do not forget about the generous bonuses and promotions from Bet365. You will receive your first bonus immediately after registration, as soon as you enter a special promo code of 2021. You can get other bonuses for making regular deposits, thereby confirming your status as a regular customer of our company. We also have regular profitable promotions that will definitely interest you.
  • To get a good win when betting on soccer, you need to place your bets carefully. To do this, you must understand that your winnings also depend on your deposit. Avoid extreme bets and do not bet on a huge number of matches at once.
  • Do not be afraid to lose. Everyone knows that even the most experienced players sometimes fail. You have to be confident, placing bets is a difficult process if you take it seriously. For a successful bet, you should study in great detail all the information about your chosen sport, team and players.

There were some of the most useful basic tips from Bet365. We hope they will help you to get the coveted winning.

How to bet on soccer in India

There are a lot of different online betting companies in India. All of them are quite popular and reliable. However, the betting company Bet365 stands out among them for its special approach to customers. Bet365 allows you not only to bet on various kinds of sport, but also to play casino games. More than 30 sports for betting and more than 50 casino games will be available to you after registering on our website. In addition to all the standard services, Bet365 provides you with the following:

  • Wide range of sports for betting;
  • The ability to get an answer to your question at any time of the day via Live Chat;
  • Frequent various great offers and bonuses;
  • Bet365 soccer live tournaments;
  • Convenient interface and fast work of the site;
  • Diverse ways to deposit and withdraw money;
  • Availability of a mobile app that allows you to place bets on the go;
  • Complete safety of your money and confidentiality of your data;
  • Huge selection of gripping casino games.

Bet365, a betting company with more than 45 million customers worldwide by 2021, can be proud of its socially oriented policies. It allows its users to feel as comfortable as possible. If you want to bet on soccer – mobile and the desktop versions will be ideal for you. In addition, you can also place bets in our application by downloading it to Android with the apk operating system or iOS gadgets.

To start placing bets at Bet365 you need to register on our official website. The registration procedure is the following:

  • Click the “Join” button in the upper right corner of the main page of the site.
  • In the window that appears, fill in your personal data: name, surname, date of birth, contact number and address.
  • Create and enter a password and 4-digit security code.
  • Choose the Time zone and Odds display.
  • Enter the current promo code for 2021 if you want to receive a bonus after completing registration.
  • Check the box confirming that you are of legal age, and you have read the terms and conditions of this betting company.
  • Finish the registration procedure by clicking the “Join Bet365” button.

After registration you can watch Bet365 live soccer which is available for every match. For the convenience of searching for a specific match, you can quickly find it in the search bar by name. In addition to classic soccer, you may be interested in Australian and American football, which you can also bet on. As a soccer fan and customer of our company, it will be useful for you to know about the Bet365 Soccer Results feature. This function collects data on all the bets you have made, without limiting you in their number. This will help you organize the results of all your bets placed. Also, on our site you have the opportunity to watch Bet365 live soccer streamings. All you need to do for this is to register on our website. After creating your account, sign in and you can start! Do not forget that after registration you will be given a bonus, but for this you need to enter a special promo code. Bet365 is the best company for your enjoyment!

How to place a bet on mobile

Mobile Betting at Bet365

To place bets on both soccer and other sports at Bet365, you will be offered 2 ways to do this:

  1. Use the official website, which has mobile and desktop versions
  2. Download Bet365 mobile app

Both methods are very comfortable for all users. The first method is most convenient for those who like to place bets from a computer based on Windows or macOS. But if you want to have Bet365 with you everywhere, then it will be more comfortable for you to use our mobile application. Thanks to it, you will no longer need to think about whether you managed to place bets on a particular match, and wait to come home to check, because now you can place bets on the go! 

The Bet365 mobile application is available for IPhone and other gadgets with the iOS operating system, as well as for devices based on Android. But how to download the Bet365 app? You can download this application from the App Store or Play Store, depending on the operating system of your device. You can also install it directly from the official site.

Download Bet 365 Mobile App

To download our app from the official site you need to:

  • Visit the mobile version of the Bet365 official website.
  • Swipe up until you reach the bottom of the site’s home page.
  • Click the “View All Bet365 Apps” button.
  • Select the application that matches the operating system of your device.
  • Click the “Download” button.

The second way to download the app is to download it from the Play Store or App Store (it depends on your phone model). For this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Enter “Bet365” into the App or Play Store search bar.
  • Click the “Get” button near our application. It will be the first on the list.
  • Enjoy using the Bet365 app!

After downloading it, you will get undoubted pleasure from its work and all those functions that are on the site:

  • Convenient and simple interface
  • The opportunity to watch Bet365 soccer live streaming matches
  • Bet365 Soccer Results section, which helps you to organize all your bets
  • The same variety of payment methods as on the site itself
  • Huge selection of sports

The procedure of placing bets itself is quite straightforward. To do this you need to:

  • Create an account at Bet365 and log in to it
  • Decide on the sport you want to bet on
  • Choose the most convenient way of making a deposit for you
  • Enter your rate
  • Finish the procedure by clicking the “Place Bet” button

After the bet appears in your Bet Slip, you can still edit it both before the start of the match and during it. If you have any questions, you can always contact our 24/7 support service via Live Chat.

Soccer odds & tips

Choosing soccer for betting, you are sure that you know everything about it, because you are a real fan of it. This is partly true, but there are some points that even the most experienced people in this business forget. Therefore, often, when losing a large amount of rupees, people blame bookmakers for this. But there are a number of factors that can significantly affect the outcome of a match. These factors can be determined even before the start of the match. Here are some tips for betting on soccer that will take you one step closer to winning:

  • Choose profitable odds. Do this by comparing them with each other, find the most suitable ones.
  • Do your research on the teams’ previous matches. Compare the results of matches, the number of wins and losses over the last year or even several years.
  • Check out live streaming tournaments from previous performances. Study the mistakes of the team, analyze the practicality of their tactics. 
  • Check the composition of the team. Find out if any of the players will be missing. The lack of a successful player can lead to a team failure.
  • Find out about all the events that happened to your chosen team that could affect their cohesion and success. Sometimes even the smallest things happen in teams can lead to failure.
  • Check the weather forecast. In fact, the weather plays a very important role in the match.

These are the main factors that you need to pay attention to before placing a bet. Of course, the success or failure of a particular team can depend on anything, sometimes it happens trivially by accident, but often it is the above listed aspects that determine the future of the team in any match. These Bet365 soccer tips will help you avoid getting lost when choosing a team to bet on.


  • Do I need to know anything about the sport I’m going to bet on?

    Sure thing! In order not to lose your money, you need to make a conscious choice on whom to bet on. To do this, you need to disassemble in this sport, and better in the teams themselves. For many people, betting is just a game, but for some it is the main income. If you want to place bets and win, you will have to do a detailed analysis of your chosen sport, teams, and even the players of those teams. Studying the winnings and losses of the previous games of a certain team, you can trace the dynamics of its successful matches and understand whether it is worth betting on it. By researching the tactics of each player on the team, you will calculate the most successful. Accordingly, in the future, in the absence of some of them at any match, you will understand that the likely positive outcome of the match without these players is much less.

  • Where can I go for help if I have a problem?

    If you have any problems regarding the use of our website or application, as well as problems with your funds, you can contact our support representatives in three ways: by phone number, by mail and via the Live Chat function, which works around the clock. We care about our customers and will always help you solve any problem.

  • What sport is the best to bet on?

    This is a rather difficult question, because it depends on the person. Someone prefers classic sports such as football, cricket, rugby, basketball, golf and so on. Some are fans of something out of the ordinary, such people usually bet on dog racing, trotting or snooker. There are clients who are not at all interested in “active” sports; cybersport has become their alternative. Well, for those who do not recognize any sport at all, even esports, we have bets on politics, that is, bets on parliamentary or presidential elections and the like. On our site, you can even place a bet on the winner of the Eurovision.
    To determine which sport you like best, you can try to place bets on several of them and then decide which sport you know better.

  • Is it necessary to register on the site in order to place a bet?

    According to Bet365’s terms and conditions, registration on our site is required for any further action. This is for the safety of our customers and for the elimination of fraud. The registration process itself will not cause you any difficulties, you just need to click the “Registration” button in the upper right corner of the homepage, enter some of your data and come up with a password. You can register both on the official website and in the mobile application.

  • What should I do if I can’t log into my account?

    First, carefully check if you entered your username and password correctly. If you are convinced that everything is correct, but you still can’t log into your account, you can contact our support service or click the “Lost Login” and restore access. Remember that when you log into your account on our website, you have 3 attempts until your account is blocked. If these 3 unsuccessful attempts have expired, and your account has been blocked, you should click the “Lost Login” button, which will help you log into your account. If that didn’t work, please contact our support representatives. Be prepared for the fact that you will need to provide some of your data and personal information in order for us to help you. You will also need to provide us with your 4-digit security code. If you have forgotten it, this is not a problem, contact us for further instructions.

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