Bet365 Account Verification Methods

Verification Bet365

Verification is one of bet365’s least favorite customer registration steps. However, verification is simply necessary when it comes to customers’ safety and getting a guarantee that they won’t fall victim to online scammers. In simple words, verification is the technology of verifying information for authenticity, correctness, accuracy.

If you are required to be verified it means that you need to perform a procedure to verify the authenticity of your profile, document, or action. In this case, verification provides the feeling of confidence for any user that the developer of the software took care of security, referring to the algorithms of verification.

And if you ask: how to verify bet365 account, or what methods are there for this? So, as of 2022, bet365 has 4 account verification methods, which rotate depending on the length of the process and the documents used. Thus, we can distinguish methods that are suitable for both android and ios products: 

  • Instant with the use of passport data.
  • In bet365 chat english using the data of the passport
  • Verification by mailing address ( takes about 15 days)
  • Verification by e-mail ( takes about 4 days)

To avoid additional difficulties, you need to check the actuality and authenticity of your documents (if you use the method where the passport is required) or check your e-mail for a working account.  Only then you can proceed with the verification steps.

Why go through profile verification

Clients of legal bookmaker’s offices have to undergo verification, according to the law. This is a normal procedure for the verification of the bettor’s identity. It may take place differently at different bookmakers. But the sense of this operation is the same – to weed out unreliable bettors: making several accounts in one name, under-age, or resorting to other fraudulent actions.

In this office, identification is not so much serious as it is very long. After registration, the user is sent a letter by offline mail with a special promo code, which, upon receipt, will need to be entered on the site in the appropriate field.

Also, the rules state that BC reserves the right at its sole discretion to check the players at any time and an unlimited number of times. By registering on the site, the user agrees that the office may transfer his data to credit and other organizations to confirm identity and payment information. Some players who have accounts at Bet365 note that its employees can also call and the communication is only in English.

Registration in bookmaker offices today, for the most part, extremely simplified. Almost all companies now offer one-click account creation, registration through social networks, and so on. Subsequently, however, the bookmaker usually asks the customer for additional data. This is account verification. It exists for simple confirmation of the player’s identity and, therefore, to prevent illegal actions by cheaters.

The verification process at Bet365 is quite simple. The verification form is available immediately at registration, which means there will be no unexpected request for verification from the security service later. The verification of identity includes two things: proof of identity and proof of address. To do this, it is necessary to provide scans or photos of documents (passport pages, driver’s license, etc.), sending them by email, or attaching them to the registration form from your windows computer or mobile device.

According to reviews, bet365 is a reliable office that you can access from your android or iphone with an excellent spreadsheet on a huge number of sports, not just events, both pre-match and in-game, with a smoothly functioning website and an efficient and competent support team.

What are the verification methods

Verification methods Bet365

In simple words, verification is a  process that is needed to identify underage players in order to prevent access to gambling by children and teenagers, to find and exclude certain categories of users (bonus hunters, forklifts, multi-account holders in different voltas (not just in rupees), etc.) and to combat fraudsters who use gambling establishments as money-laundering exchanges.

Verification 365bet can go different ways.

 It can be distinguished:

  • Instant with the use of passport data. To pass the verification, you need to enter login bet365 in account. Find the item about using the passport for registration and after reading the instructions, carefully enter your data.
  • In bet365 chat english using the data of the passport. In this case, you need to enter the bet365 live chat “KYC” agent. Then get your security postal verification promo code india consisting of 4 characters and enter it to confirm. It only remains to enter passport data according to the sample.
  • Verification by mailing address ( takes about 15 days). If you use this method, you again need to log in to your personal account or register in the app or on the 365bet website. Repeat all the steps as in the first case, but click on mail verification. After receiving the letter (it goes about 15 days), find the postal verification code india there and enter it in the specified field.
  • Verification by e-mail ( takes about 4 days). Using the official email [email protected] (support service 365bet) write a letter where you attach a photo of your passport or other document proving your identity. 

All methods have been tested by a number of users and guarantee a successful verification if all conditions are fulfilled correctly. Here it all just depends on your ability in time and the availability of certain documents.

Step-by-step instructions for passing verification

The main question remains to be answered: how to verify bet365 account?
The procedure as mentioned earlier is necessary for the safety of the users themselves, but because it has existed for quite a long time there is a clear order of steps to pass the verification without additional problems. We will consider the most common consisting of 2 steps.

Uploading a passport scan

Uploading a passport scan.

Upload your ID document on the official site. you need to upload it through the Bet365 betting company’s website under: “Members Area” – “My Account” – “Know Your Customer”. Choose one of the three documents (passport, driving license, ID Card. The most optimal is to load the passport at this stage). If you have done all the actions correctly, you will see a confirmation of the documents loading stage. Or you will receive a notification that the verification stage will be repeated.

Downloading a driver's license scan

Downloading a driver’s license scan.

After the first stage, we recommend you to go to the second stage. Click on the login bet365 (account name) in the top right corner of the site interface. In the drop-down window select and go about the way: “User area (Members)” – “Account (My Account)” – “Know Your Customer” – “Upload Your Identity Document”. The second document we recommend uploading your driver’s license (if you have one).

But you can also keep in mind the other ways mentioned above.

Moreover, the player has the right to choose the method of verification at the second step. Feasibility is determined independently. Or ask support for advice. There is an opinion that it is better to order such verification ahead of time when registering an account.  A more common variant of this verification method at the initiative of the security service of the Bet365 bookmaker’s office – if there are claims to the customer’s playing style.


  • Is there any way to bypass the system and not go through verification?

    Almost impossible. Some experienced programmers find ways, but the average user just needs to understand that verification is done to secure his account. No one wants to stay hacked or lose their money. Moreover, in 2022 bet365 has created all the conditions for the process with a lot of bonuses and profits, every step is absolutely easy.

  • What documents do I need to verify?

    Usually, players provide their passports or a scan of them. It may be an ordinary passport or a foreign one. The main thing is that it must be valid. Most often foreign bookmakers require foreign passports because some of them do not have a Russian-speaking version. The initials should be written in the Latin alphabet to identify the person.
    An alternative to passports may be a driver’s license, a birth certificate, and other personal papers that confirm the identity of the player. The obligatory condition is that the available document has a photo.

  • Where to go in case of difficulties with verification?

    365bet has taken care of the available feedback to users. There are 4 ways for that:

    Write to the online bet365 chat. It can easily be found in the help section of the official site on your android and iphone.

    Call by phone. The phone number depends on your region of residence, you can find it on the site. The time to reach the operators depends on the workload of the staff. We called on the second day after the launch of the site and had to “hang on the phone” for about 10 minutes.

    Send an email. If technical maintenance is performed on the official site, the client cannot contact the onlinebet365 com live chat, while you will have to wait for a long time for an answer over the phone because of the workload of operators. In this case, there is only one way to send a letter to e-mail BK: [email protected].

    Write a web-message. Only the registered user can write a web message. To do this, open your cabinet and go to the “Messages” section.
    What to do if I failed to pass the verification?
    Try again and double-check all documents. In any case, you can always contact the support service.

  • Is there any additional charge for verification?

    No, it is free of charge. Accordingly, for Indian users, the amount is 0 rupees.


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