Burnley lose the position in Premier League after Chris Wood transfer

Burnley lose the position in Premier League after Chris Wood transfer

The leaving of Chris Wood to Newcastle United has hurt Burnley’s chances of winning the upcoming Premier League matches. Wood was Tyneside’s second purchase after Kieran Trippier. It’s interesting to follow the further development of Newcastle United within the next 2 weeks before the transfer window closes.

The team from Newcastle was a contender for a drop only a few weeks ago. However, an unexpected draw against Manchester United and the postponement of matches against Everton and Southampton saved the position. By now, Newcastle United will approach the upcoming games with a stronger squad than before the rescheduling.

At the same time, Burnley’s position with 49 goals in 127 Premier League matches and the Wood’s transfer makes Sean Dyche worrying. The loss of Maxwell Corne to AFCON, one of the top scorers, has already weakened Burnley. However, Newcastle did not miss out on the chance to get Chris Wood for £20m, with Burnley’s hands tied.

In this case, it is difficult to predict further strategic decisions by Clarets. Perhaps Dyche will try to strengthen the front line to hold ground. However, the search for a new forward ready to lead the team will inevitably follow.

The last season has been a quiet one for Wood. The striker has never been famous for a spectacular performance. Nevertheless, he has scored more than 10 goals in Turf Moor’s four seasons and led Burnley’s line.

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