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What do we do when we have problems with withdrawals, deposits, settling bets, and other betting issues? That’s right, write to support and wait for feedback.

Bet365 is one of the most popular betting platforms among players around the world. Prospective customers are curious to know how communication with the bookmaker is handled when a dispute arises. This article will explain what the Bet365 support team is all about, how you can get in touch with it, why you should pay special attention to the online chat feature, which social networks you can contact Bet365, and much more.

What problems does Bet365 support solve?

The large number of ways to contact managers suggests that the hotline can resolve many issues. It is true, as all sorts of problems can be addressed:

  • site malfunction;
  • account blocking for a variety of reasons;
  • problems with money transactions in rupees;
  • incorrectly calculated bets or refunds;
  • bonus program not working;
  • questions about your identity documentation.

But what exactly is the best way to contact Bet365 support, you may ask? Let’s take a look.

How to contact Bet365 support?

Bet365’s support team is available 24 hours a day and offers customers several ways to get feedback. Below we will cover each of them in more detail and assess their response times.

Bet365 provides customers with four ways of getting feedback: online chat, hotline phone, email, and web message from a personal cabinet. Both unregistered users and existing customers can contact Bet365 staff.

What features should be considered when choosing the most convenient way for you? Let’s look at each of the existing methods in more detail.

  • Method No. 1: Contact the online chat room.

There is no online chat widget on the Bet365 homepage. To contact support, you will first have to scroll down to the bottom of the page, under “Help,” select “Contact Us.” Only then will you be able to open the Bet365 live chat:

  1. Select the subject of the request;
  2. Click “Join.”

A pop-up window will show a dialogue with the operator or information on how many people are waiting for a consultation. If there is no queue, the counsellor will reply as soon as you have sent the message.

  • Method No. 2: Call by phone.

If you are unable to access the site for any reason, you can call the Bet365 helpline. Lead times may vary depending upon staff availability.

  • Method No. 3: Send an email.

During the technical work on the Bet365 com, the client can not contact the Bet365 live chat, while the answer over the phone will have to wait for a long time due to the operators’ workload. In this case, there is only one option – to send an email in english to the bookmaker’s office.

It is worth noting that this is one of the most long ways to get feedback: the average response time is from 5 to 48 hours.

  • Method No. 4: Send a web-message.

To write a web message, only a registered user can do it. For this, you need to open a personal cabinet and go to the “Messages” section.

The web message is similar to sending an email: you specify the subject, describe the subject of your request, and consultants respond as soon as they have free time. You have to wait a few hours.

Bet365 online chat

Online Chat

As promised, we will now explain a little more about the online chat function and its features.

Obviously, it is vitally important for bookmakers not only to surprise players with high odds or unique opportunities, but also to be ready to provide support at any time during the game. Anyone who wishes to contact the company with a question, problem, or wish should be able to do so.

An additional requirement – communication should be fast and convenient. In such a situation, Bet365 recommends using online chat. With its help, you can not only quickly contact a specialist of the company, but also in detail set out the worrying problem. The dialogue does not have to be non-stop. However, you can ask questions at any time if the initial advice does not meet the desired effect. In any case, the bettor will not be left alone with his difficulties.

To start a chat, it is necessary to open the appropriate window. Its “tongue” travels behind the player on the bookmaker’s official site pages at the bottom of the screen. Therefore, you won’t have to go back to the main page or engage in a dialogue disconnected from the main sections.

In the mobile version of the site, you will have to manipulate to find the chat link. But that’s why it’s compact.

  1. Open the main menu;
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu;
  3. Find the link “Contact Us”;
  4. Click on it and then click “Join”;
  5. In the bottom right corner of the page that opens, you will find the widget you are looking for.

The same option is available in the mobile application. It is called Contact Centre. The link to it, again in the main menu. However, the search is much shorter – just open this menu.

Bet365 social networks

Now a little about social media. In recent years, attracting new customers has shifted from traditional advertising methods to interact with social networks.

Bookmakers use media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others as an effective way to expand their customer pool. These platforms provide easy access to prospects and new accounts. Since millions of people use some form of social media every day, social media offers bookmakers immediate access to both new and existing customers.

Bet365 provides serious competition to the most popular social media accounts. The Bet365 seems to have a more traditional approach, with a focus on ratios and promotions. For example, the number of followers of Bet365 on Twitter is more than 380 thousand, and on Facebook – almost 2000.

There are also separate Twitter pages for different countries provided by Bet365. Instead of the “one size fits all” approach, players in individual countries can access sites that focus on bets where they live. And the #InPlayWithRay homepage will help you not lose sight of the latest news and current offers.

Bet365 support phones

The Bet365 mobile version enables you to contact support wherever you have access to the internet. The Bet365 mobile version is adapted for all iOS and Android mobile devices, allowing you to use all Bet365 features, from low-end devices to the latest generation of devices.

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